New Website, New Blog, New Year

This year has been exciting! I've had some ups and downs and some in-betweens. This website has been up for a little while and I switched my web hosting company. Thus all my blogs on the old website are gone. So, a new beginning.

I decided at the end of last year that I was going to challenge myself to submit my music every month for some competition. So far I have put in for at least three competitions and we aren't even to February yet.

I'm hoping to also have some great performances this year. I have two pieces being performed in February, a solo flute piece and a solo violin piece (world premiere). The flute piece also may have some future performances this year. One of my fellow composers Eric Lacy, is also putting together a chamber orchestra concert that is going to happen this April and will feature one of the first pieces I have written for voice and ensemble. All in all it is going to be very exciting.

Also, there is a symposium this semester here at LSU that is all about the Russian Tradition! I am super excited because this will feature a lot of great music by Prokofiev and lectures by great academics on Russian music. It is especially exciting because the Russians and their music has always intrigued me. I also plan on studying a lot of Russian music especially the works of Sofia Gubaidulina. Her music is so fascinating to me. For more info on the symposium go here.

As for the downs last semester I started to struggle with my jaw. Playing horn became extremely challenging and I had to take some time off. On top of that I went to a dentist to try to get some things figured out and so far I'm three cavities in (it had been 11 years since I went to the dentist) and getting a 'splint.' Hopefully this will fix things. I've been on a soft foods diet for weeks now and I'm getting a little tired of pasta and rice. I get the splint next week and have started doing some light playing but nothing like before. More on this as it progresses.

Our first orchestra concert is coming up on February 4th and we are playing Tchaikovsky No. 6. I'm playing assistant and let me tell you it is not so fun. The music is great but assistant is stressful! You only play bits and pieces of things and you sit for long periods of time while all the music is passing you by. I'm grateful to be playing though, I love composing but without the performance aspect of things I always feel my life is a little incomplete.

So to this new year I hope for big things. Looking forward to exciting new challenges and the great music I will write. At least I hope its all great, right now I'm working on a modal piece for brass quintet. It is different than my usual style but it proving to be great fun. Also, I get to study some great music to boot in preparation for it.

All in all I'd say things are up or looking up. Happy (belated) new year!

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