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Been working on a new piece. A march about how they moved an entire town using steam tractors! Still working in some of the steam like sounds but also trying not to sound too train like. Tricky venture but I think it will work either way. Check out this video that shows some steam tractors and a bit of their history.

I have started a few other pieces in the last few months and dedicated some time to writing lyrics but other than that not much finished. This time of year at work is hard with a lot of basketball games for the high school taking up much of my energy. The goal is to write a bit each week. Daily would be nice but I find I get burned out really quickly if I do that. So, I do as much as I can tolerate on the weekends. Thank goodness we only have four day weeks!

Hopefully, I will get it done soon so I can focus on a recording project I want to start as soon as possible of a horn octet I wrote a few years back for the Southeast Horn Workshop they held at LSU just before we moved back to Idaho. With track season and spring break coming I might be able to get it done before May. That is the goal at least.

Also, considering listing my music on JW Pepper or something similar but am not sure yet. I would have to redouble my editing efforts to make sure they are what I would want to receive when I purchase something.

Just keep writing.


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