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This time of year gets super busy in the music world. District solo, state solo, large group festival, final concerts, district and state sports. These kids have been all over the state! I'm super proud of the three students we sent to state and we had our first instrumentalist go in several years. She did great! The judges I felt were a bit harsh on all those kids. One of the bari sax players was patiently waiting for critiques from the judges and because they had an internet issue earlier that day and were running behind, the judges decided not to do any sort of live work with the students. The judge said "What are you waiting for?" Student said, "I'm waiting for some critiques." Judge, "You can go now, we're writing down our comments, you'll get everything from the judges sheets." This happened a couple more times until my student came out. How embarrassing! They should have said that right after they finished playing or told the proctor to let the student's know. Thankfully I was in there and texted my student's accompanist to let her know they weren't doing any sort of coaching.

Large group was great, we were able to get lots of good comments and help in making the bands sound better. It ended up making our final concert a huge success. Saying goodbye to the seniors is always tough but seeing them continue to grow into great people is so awesome. Sometimes we need to have these moments to remind us how great it is to be a teacher.

Looking forward to finishing the March this weekend and getting it to the American Falls director.


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