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State Basketball

We just finished state basketball and the band did awesome. The first game was a little rough but they got right back into the swing of things and sounded awesome. The last two games we played there was no band for the opposing team and we got to do a lot of playing. I think this is the biggest band I've brought to state basketball and I may have to start finding a different way to select students who are eligible to go to state basketball. It is always a long hard thing for us to do even though we only play some of the regular season games, once we hit districts and state, things get busy. I'm glad to have a group that performs well and also has some of the best behavior.

With all that going on my writing has had to take a backseat but I'm close to finishing a sweater I started knitting and I've been working on getting back into computer coding. I got interested in some computer music when I was working on my masters and doctorate but when I started teaching it took a backseat. I've since started learning a couple of languages and am thinking of some ways I could use it to either supplement income or give me something to do as a side gig until things start to take off with my music. If there is one thing I do, whether it is good or not, is have a lot of things in fire all at once.

My wife complains I have too many hobbies but it keeps me busy and happy. I'm ready for spring to come. It never comes to where we are very early so we still ave about 6 weeks of winter-like weather. This is the time we start plants inside and plan our garden so we can plant it as soon as seems good. Writing music this winter has helped stave off some of my winter blues but I still get hit hard on occasion. I'll just have to keep at it and get the piece finished so I can start on another one.

Until next week I'll just have to find some time to keep writing.


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