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State Bound!

WHOOHOO! We had a bassoon student make it to state with her solo this year and we had an oboe student get a superior on their solo. The bassoon student is looking forward to state and the oboist is preparing for next year. This is the first year I've had where I've had more than one student go to district solo for instrumental and the first year I've had a student that I've spent significant amount of time working with go to state (I had a senior my first year at the high school go to state but I never really counted that). The benefit of it all was that I now have a group of students interested in doing solos next year. I sure hope they can keep that fire going through the summer. I might even be able to talk a few into doing some chamber ensembles.

Other than that it has been working on composing and gearing up for spring break. Track started this last week and it gives me something non-musical to focus on which keeps me fired up until May. The grind during these last few weeks is tough keeping them motivated and striving to work hard each day when the promise of better weather seems just around the corner. We still have snow on the ground and today was cold and windy. There is some grassy spots peaking out here and there but it still feels a lot like winter. We are looking forward to planting veggies and pretty flowers. Perhaps some performing and more composing as well.


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