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Summer Work

Finished The Big A.F. March just as summer hit and then shortly after received a commission for a piece for middle school band!

This summer has been great. Spent some time working on my music and myself to be a better composer and I feel like I am seeing some headway being made. Still working on keeping a good working schedule as school has started and that means a lot more work for me. Doing music all day takes a toll on my creative juices and I'm trying to figure out how to keep plugging away even though I might not feel like working. A couple of resources I've used are Garret Hope's The Portfolio Composer which is podcast and Joseph Sowa's Wizarding School of Music.

I'm excited for my next piece. The director wants a piece where the students memorize it and are walking in while they perform it. I've been doing some sketching on it and am super excited to see where this piece takes me. Working in smaller memorizable chunks that fit together is going to be a fun way to write and I'm looking forward to the challenge that it brings.

This summer we also had out fifth child! Another boy and he is getting so big. That brings us to a total of 5 boys in the house. It has been a little crazy but fun.

I redoubled my efforts this summer to listening to music and in particular new(er) music or finding music in new genres. I really delved deep into Anna S. Þorvaldsdóttir's music. Her pieces are unique and powerful.


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